WebShrink Wrap Up 2023

WebShrink Wrap Up 2023


2023 was the biggest year yet for WebShrink, and we’re here for the wrap up.  WebShrink looked at new disorders and new treatments. We explored wellness as well as addiction. We even reported on current events in mental health and examined threats to the mental health of today’s youth.

Exploring disorders, new and old

WebShrink is dedicated to providing our readers with detailed information on every major mental health disorder. In 2023, we delved into the complexities of various disorders, both emerging and long-standing. Our articles revealed unique connections, like that between dance and eating disorders or the similarities in symptoms of some autoimmune disorders and schizophrenia. This also includes anger attacks in menopause and the new-found syndrome of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S). We also explored techniques to help our readers identify disorders like anxiety, trauma, and autism.

Nurturing wellness: A holistic approach

A lot of what we talk about focuses on sickness, disorders, treatments, and relieving pain, both physical and emotional. In light of that, we like to shift the focus to overall wellness frequently. Maintaining health is just the flip side of recovering from sickness. WebShrink’s 2023 wrap up and review highlights the insights we’ve given into the positive impact of spending time in green spaces, the truth behind dopamine detox, and the potential harms of self-diagnosis and social media. We also learned about effective relaxation techniques and the importance of managing stress for better mental health.

Youth mental health matters

Ever since the pandemic (and even before), we’ve heard a lot about a mental health crisis in children and teenagers. In our 2023 wrap up, let’s reflect on the attention we paid to the unique challenges faced by kids. From the risks to girls and LGBTQ+ youth in the digital age to addressing self-harm in children, we discovered how society can better support the mental health of the upcoming generation.

A closer look at drugs

Drug use and drug use disorders play increasingly bigger roles in our country’s mental health challenges. Drug overdose deaths have risen every year for the past several years.  This year, we covered everything from Hollywood’s portrayal of drug addiction to the rise of new street drugs and dangers of marijuana to the heart and to children. We also covered the tragic, sudden loss of Matthew Perry, who battled addiction much of his life

Innovations in treatment

We at WebShrink are always on the lookout for new medications and therapies, exploring the latest advancements in mental health treatments. This included the FDA’s approval of over-the-counter birth control to breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s drug development. We also helped readers navigate the challenges posed by the Adderall shortage and the promising yet problematic use of Ketamine and MDMA in mental health treatment. WebShrink even uncovered the therapeutic potential of music and the intriguing possibilities of AI therapy.

Wrapping up current events in 2023

Every year, we analyze the intersection of mental health and current events. 2023 saw the passing of Rosalynn Carter, who was a lifelong champion of mental health. We also followed the continuing healthcare worker strikes in California, where nurses, CNAs, and other hospital employees are fighting for better working conditions and higher pay. This year our home state, Maine, was hit by the largest mass shooting the country saw this year. This was devastating for us at WebShrink. However, as we look forward into 2024, it strengthened our resolve to keep exploring the ripple effects of real-world events on mental health.


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