WebShrink.com Terms of Use

  1. Identifying Information.  WebShrink.com is operated by Pschyrocket, LLC d/b/a WebShrink.
  2. Crisis or Emergency. If you are in a crisis situation, are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, or feel unsafe in any way you must call 911 and/or go to the nearest hospital emergency room immediately.  WebShrink.com is never to be used as a way of dealing with  emergency situations.  WebShrink.com is not a crisis response or hotline service.  We do not monitor users and messages.  WebShrink.com cannot be responsible or liable for any emergency situation or outcome.
  3. Use of Contact Form. WebShrink.com’s contact form is to be used for general questions or suggestions about the use of our website. Our contact form is not to be used to ask for individual advice or recommendations.  Furthermore, as stated in paragraph 1 above the contact form must never be used to seek help in a crisis or emergency.  We do not monitor messages continuously and are not responsible for responding within any particular time frame.  We do not and cannot provide individualized recommendations or advice and any such submissions will not be responded to.  Never send or submit personal or confidential information about yourself using our contact form.
  4. Privacy. WebShrink.com is not a healthcare practice or entity and federal privacy rules regarding protected health information do not apply.  However, you must never use our contact form to submit any personal information about yourself.  If you do so it is at your own risk and you understand that this is not a secure method of transmission and WebShrink.com assumes no liability for the privacy of your information.  Use of the internet is widely known and understood to carry security risks.  WebShrink.com is not responsible or liable for any private or personal information about individual users’ online behavior or personal or health related information that may become exposed due to inherent vulnerabilities within public or private networks, individual devices, or the internet itself.  WebShrink.com cannot be responsible or liable for information about users that is tracked and/or collected by any third parties through internet browsers or other software or devices on individual computers, networks, or the internet itself that WebShrink.com is not even aware of.
  5. Personal Stories. Personal stories appearing in WebShrink.com’s “Give Voice” section are published only with the full written permission of the individual who is the subject of the story.  In some cases, the individual has given full written permission to disclose their identity and use their actual name, photograph(s), video, audio, or other media. In other cases, the individual has chosen to not disclose their true identity and their identity is concealed through use of an alias and will be described as such.  WebShrink.com will never publish any story about anyone without their prior written permission, whether or not they choose to reveal their identity.
  6. Not a Substitute for Professional or Medical Advice. WebShrink.com is an informational website intended to provide healthcare consumers and the general public with information about mental health and substance use disorders and treatment options.  The site is for informational purposes only and is not in any way intended to be a substitute for diagnosis or advice from a medical and mental health care professionals.  WebShrink.com’s staff, editors, authors, and contributors include medical and/or mental health care professionals but use of the site does not in any way constitute a treatment relationship of any kind between any professional and any end user. The material published on WebShrink.com is for informational purposes only and WebShrink.com does not provide direct medical or mental health care or assume direct responsibility for the care of any patients.
  7. Caution About Self-diagnosis. The “Explore Your Symptoms/Identify Your Symptoms” feature on WebShrink.com uses simplified brief questionnaires in order to assist the user in narrowing down their search topics and providing suggested topics to learn about.  This feature and these questionnaires are not and are in no way intended to be used as scientifically validated instruments for diagnosis.  Further, they are not and are in no way intended to be used as scientifically validated rating scales to establish the presence, absence or severity of symptoms.  If you think you might have a disorder or want to know if you have a particular diagnosis that requires treatment you should seek evaluation from a medical and or mental health professional to make this determination.  Since most mental health disorders are part of a spectrum ranging from normal life experience to mild or severe symptoms that cause distress, WebShrink.com must not be used to self-diagnose or attempt to diagnose others.  Rather, WebShrink.com is intended to help people find answers to their questions and ultimately find professional help they might need for themselves or their loved ones and to know which questions they will want to bring to a professional for further clarification.
  8. Use of Information.  When you register an account on WebShrink.com’s site you create a user id and password.  You are responsible for keeping your password private and not disclosing it to others.  WebShrink.com does not collect any personal information about its users or subscribers other than names and email addresses that you enter.  We use this information only to send you updates and newsletters or information that you request.  We never share or sell any information.  WebShrink.com uses cookies in order to help us deliver information to you based on your preferences and your use of our site.  We may use analytical and website usage data in order to learn how our site is being used and to make improvements or enhancements.  These data are not connected to any individual identifying information. We do not collect or use any information about your usage patterns attached to any identifiable information.
  9. Work in Progress. WebShrink.com is a work in progress and as such we are constantly reviewing, revising, and seeking to improve our site and its content.  We strive to maintain the highest level of accuracy and reliability of the information on our site.  We thoroughly research, fact check, and provide references for our sources.  Notwithstanding these efforts it is possible that our content might contain errors or and you should never make any important decisions about your health care based solely on a single source.  You should bring any information you have collected from all your sources with you to a professional for consultation and discussion before making any decisions about your health care.  If you find something on our site that you believe to be inaccurate please notify us and we will research it and correct it if we find it necessary.
  10. Terms of Use Subject to Change.  WebShrink.com retains the right to update these Terms of Use at any time.  When changes have been made to these Terms of Use we will notify our subscribers and also post a notification on the website that the Terms of Use have changed.
  11. Acknowledgement.  By using WebShrink.com you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to all of the above terms of use.