WebShrink’s Mental Health 2021 Year in Review

WebShrink’s Mental Health 2021 Year in Review


2021 put a spotlight on mental health. WebShrink was here for it. From hot topics to under-the-radar stories, we are committed to covering the news through the lens of mental health.  This is our year in review.

1. Trending topics: Naomi Osaka, leaving Afghanistan, the Great Resignation, and more!

This year was packed. It felt like we all jumped from one explosive headline to another.

Naomi Osaka broke barriers when she talked openly about the stress she faced as an elite athlete. Plenty more followed her, including Sha’Carri Richardson and Simone Biles. Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai even took on her own government, accusing a high-ranking official of sexual assault.

America ended 20 years of war in Afghanistan. Sadly, the swift return of the Taliban to power was a gut-punch for thousands of current military members and veterans, who felt their years of sacrifice were in vain.

The Great Resignation has been the talk of the town this year, too, with countless workers leaving their jobs. By demanding better pay and better treatment, America’s workforce were actually pushing for work environments that promote mental health.

2. WebShrink talks COVID

The pandemic is still a dominant force in our lives and in our mental health. This year started with America in the grip of a massive wave. Then, we went through the Delta wave, and now we’re in Omicron. We ran a three part series on doctor burnout. We offered remedies for COVID-related anxiety and addressed peoples’ hesitations about the vaccine.

3. Dementia defined

During the summer, we published a two part series on dementia. The first part discussed the stages of dementia and gave tips for identifying it in yourself or others. Second, we went over what it’s like to take care of someone with dementia. Once you’ve read these, make sure to checkout our discussion of Neurodegenerative Disorders, which includes the different kinds of dementia.

4. Women’s reproductive health

This country is the most dangerous place in the developed world to have a child. Maternal death rates have been rising for years, yet these are rarely headlines. Well, they are for us. Infertility, birth trauma, postpartum depression: WebShrink has touched all of these maternal mental health topics and more this year.

Personal Stories

In addition to providing mental health information and news analysis, WebShrink wants to provide personal stories. They show what mental health problems are like in the real world and help us understand what others are going through. When people share about their own mental health journeys, it breaks down stigma and encourages others to come forward with their own experiences.

This year, we heard from Ayesha K about living with Schizophrenia. She told us how writing and giving back to others helped her find meaning. Niki C talked about her struggles with drug and alcohol use and the process of getting and staying sober. Finally, Abi, Karen, and Kevin all told us about their separate experiences with infertility.

Expect More from WebShrink in 2022

In the coming year, WebShrink is dedicated to providing even more mental health resources. We’ll publish regular articles on trending news and continue to update our write-ups on mental illnesses. More personal stories are coming, too, and our symptom checker is getting better all the time. Last but not least, our list of local mental health providers is always growing.

We at WebShrink are excited for the next year. Mental health has it’s ups and downs, but WebShrink is here every step of the way for 2022.


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