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We’re WebShrink, and we’re looking for a bunch of Beta testers to help us test out our new Provider Finder tool.

As you may know, the United States is kind of a big place. And finding help can be kind of a big deal. That’s why we created Provider Finder: to make it easier to find a provider that’s right for you, no matter where you are. We started off as a site that helped you learn more about mental health, but now we’ve expanded to include everything from finding a mental health provider and even a Symptom Identification tool. We have over 2,000 providers currently on our platform, and thanks to your feedback, you’ll help us add even more! It’s free to use and easy-to-use—just go here: Provider Finder

So sign up today! And if you have any questions or want to give us feedback about the site, just reach out:

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Benefits of Provider Finder

Now you can search for therapists in your area, view their information and reviews, contact them, and schedule an appointment with them. All in the privacy of your own home.

Available Worldwide

Although the directory is still in it's early stages, we already have over 2k providers listed and that number is growing every week.

Convenience & Flexibility

There's no need to make any appointments, or schedule time out of your day to find a therapist. It is super fast and availanle 24/7

Safety & Privacy

You don't have to worry about us selling you data, we only use it to find people like you that also want to find help.

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